Visualize Organizational Change in Management

The purpose of this assignment is to help you “Visualize Organizational Change.” This 8 –10 page paper (i.e., not including cover page and Reference pages) will show your understanding of how to implement change in organizations by using scholarly articles as well as some articles from business magazines. An inability to change leads to an inability to stay viable. Organizations must be able to respond effectively and rapidly to changes in their external environment by implementing changes in their internal environment. However, change does not come easily, and there are many barriers that have to be dealt with in order to implement change successfully. In this assignment you are to identify five barriers to change. For each barrier, explain why it interferes with change and describe the actions you would take to overcome the barrier. Your rationale must be supported by at least a couple of examples to show how the change process would work, and the paper must be supported by at least five quality references from academic journals an accredited library database. Note that this is an academic paper, not an opinion paper. Paper goes beyond personal opinion. Citations are used throughout the paper to support the student’s points of view. Make sure you use correct APA for document preparation, headings, citations, and a reference page. Papers should be clear, interesting, grounded by logic, and informed by theory.

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