Reviewing the HR function

The Chief Executive of your chosen organisation is reviewing the HR function. She/he wants to know what contemporary research says about the contribution HR makes to organisational success. You have been commissioned by the Chief Executive to write a report titled:

How can HR make a strategic contribution to this organisation? 

Your brief is:

•To select three contemporary HR issues (from the nine covered in the module); 
•To review recent research evidence and contemporary practice relating to these Issues;
•To advise the Chief Executive on whether and how HR can make a strategic contribution to their organisation in relation to these Issues.

Note that you may argue for or against the idea that HR can make a strategic contribution. You are not required to make a case in favour of HR; whatever your stance, though, your argument must be informed by evidence.

You must choose a large organisation, ie. one with 250 or more employees. This definition of a large-sized enterprise is the one adopted by the United Kingdom.

Beyond this you can choose any organisation – private or public sector, national or multi-national, in any sector and based anywhere in the world. You can choose an organisation based on personal experience (e.g. a placement organisation) or interest.

The 3 Issues should be as follows (in the guidelines): 

1st : From Week 3 or Week 4 Slide
2nd: From Week 5 Week 6 or Week 7 
3rd: From Week 8 or Week 9

Global Human Resource Management

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