Research Proposal Worksheet For Assignment II Part II: Domestic violence

Research Proposal Worksheet For Assignment II Part II

The problem you identified: The program you identified: The outcomes you want to evaluate: Briefly describe the program implementation in an agency setting you choose Outcome evaluation question: Determine your study design: (pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, true experimental) Your rationales of not choosing true experimental design, if you use pre-experimental or quasi-experimental design Describe your study design Obtain Sample: Determine who are eligible to participate this study Determine how many study participants you need (sample size) Determine how you select study participants (sampling methods) Determine how you recruit study participants Measurement: Specify what outcomes you want to measure Decide how to measure the outcomes (What standardized scales are available? Are these standardized scales good measures? Reliability and Validity? If no standardized scales are available, how do you want to measure the outcomes?) Data collection plan

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