Pulmonary Rehabilitation for cystic fibrosis


3 page research paper AMA format. 5 journal article resources. 1/2 page per article so 2 1/2 pages total. Each article title summarization cannot be long The other 1/2 of paper left will be for the abstract up to 150 words 5 articles: https://www.karger.com/Article/Pdf/375170 https://www.jhltonline.org/article/S1053-2498(15)01210-3/fulltext#s0005 https://cmr.asm.org/content/15/2/194 https://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1465-9921-15-44 https://www.nature.com/articles/srep10241?report=reader Write a summary of your findings in a formal paper, in AMA format. Include the following: o Introduction o Body of paper with headings o Summary Use double spacing, Times New Roman font 12, and 1 inch margins Use good grammar and spelling, and avoid plagiarism Paraphrase or quote sources, be sure to cite source at least once per paragraph with superscript number that relates to the reference list.

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