Provide strategic recommendations to the CEO of Campbell Soup Company.

2) Final Exam Question: As of March 2019, you have been hired as a consultant to provide strategic recommendations to the CEO of Campbell Soup Company. What would you recommend the company to do to enhance its competitive advantage?

Final exam case: See attachment

3) Grading criteria

1.    Identification of key strategic issues and underlying causes: Exceptional analysis of case conditions and probable causes. (up to 10 points)

2.    Analysis of the key issue: Demonstration of a deep understanding of the relevant theories, frameworks, and concepts; Insightful and logical connection with the issues. (up to 20 points)

3.    Formulation and evaluation of alternative solutions: Systematic assessment of each alternative based on relevant criteria and supported by specific data or facts. (up to 20 points)

4.    The recommended course of action: Effective and specific recommendations, solutions, and plans of action (what, how, who, when). Bear in mind that
your solutions need to be realistic and workable rather than being off-the-top-of-your-head suggestions. Also, be sure that the company is financially able to carry out what you recommend (up to 25 points)

5.    Discussion of the potential outcome: Discussion of the suggested strategy’s impact on future decisions as well as financial consequences. (up to 15 points)

6.      Writing style: Consistently contains accurate and proper grammatical conventions, spelling, and punctuation; citations and references. (up to 10 points)

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