Procurement Paper

Relates to Learning Outcomes:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of procurement for global organisations operating in complex market environments

• Locate, synthesise and critically evaluate recent/current information from a wide range of published literature in the area of Project Risk and Procurement Management Assessment Housekeeping: You are required to follow the University’s regulations regarding plagiarism and citing sources and references used. Assignments may not be submitted late. Marking penalties for late submission will follow the University regulations for PMC and late submission. Please note that there are changes in the late submission process this year Assignment Brief A proactive strategic procurement operation can give the organisation it represents a competitive advantage by reducing waste in the value chain. For an organisation of your choice, you are asked

(a) to critically examinethe Procurement function,

(b) by considering 2­3 areas below investigate how the Procurement function can be improved and compensate external turbulences in the markets

• Procurement Strategy

• Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing

• e­procurement

• Sustainable Procurement

• Supply Risk

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