Positive Psychology in Marketing


Write an Annotated Bibliography on How brands use Positive Psychology in Marketing 1. Read books, articles that pertain to your topic. 2. Choose works that have a variety of perspectives on your topic. 3. Cite books, articles, or documents using appropriate referencing format 4. Summarise the central theme and scope of the book or article. 5. Evaluate the authority or background of the author. 6. Comment on the intended audience. 7. Compare or contrast the book or article with other works you have cited. 8. Explain how this source relates to your research topic. 9. Be brief. Include only significant details. What to Include in an Annotated Bibliography author, title, publication information, formatted in APA style a discussion of the purpose of the work a description of the contents the possible audience for the work a discussion of any defects, weaknesses, or biases present in the work any information that would be helpful to someone who is trying to decide whether to use this source any special features The references chosen should be from scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, rather than from the internet or from popular mag

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