Political Science Quarterly

Students are to select two concepts or theories from the foundations of Public Administration. In six (6) pages (not counting the cover page, or references page) the student will fully explain the concepts/theories, touching on their histories, founders, and original application/utility in Public Administration. Students will also include historic and/or social context in which the concepts/theories were incubated/formed and will evaluate and apply the concepts/theories with respect to present day Public Administration. Using contemporary Public Administration as the context and at least one public organization/department for demonstration, students will evaluate and explain how the “echoes” of the foundational concepts/theories that they explained are present and function today. Students must demonstrate an understanding of Public Administration concepts, and/or theories (using correct/appropriate Public Administration language) sufficiently enough to be able to recognize and describe how the concepts and theories are present in today’s Public Administration organizations.






· Shafritz, et al (2013): Chapters 1-4

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· Beaumaster Pillars Learning Aid-Foundations titled: Beaumaster Pillars Learning Aid-Foundatins-rev011317dg.pdf.





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