Our Times (crisis in yemen)

Assignment 7: Our Times (The fear is the crisis in Yemen will continue to worsen and not get better). We live in a pessimistic time, when many people think we are on the brink of some disaster, that the world is going to end, that in thirty years we will all be underwater, or that there will be another world war. What is your greatest fear for the world? Write an essay of at least 500 words starting out telling me your greatest fear that may occur within the next 30 years. After you’ve written that introduction, do some research online (make sure you use trustworthy sources!) and find out how realistic those fears are. What information did you find? The body of your essay should be telling me about the information you found online from at least three trustworthy sources. Reference the sources within your essay, but save the full citation for the bibliography at the end- which will not count towards your word count. You can use your textbook as a source (hint hint) since this is a fear for the future of the world, and not you personally. Conclude your paper by giving me your conclusions. Is this still a fear of yours? Does finding out the facts make you feel better, or worse? Explain your answer. Your bibliography must appear at the end, in MLA or APA style. Failure to include a bibliography, or using only a list of websites as a bibliography, will result in a loss of points.

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