Mental Health

Discuss the evidence base for two specific interventions for the treatment of bipolar affective disorder and how this could be used in collaboration with a patient during admission in an acute inpatient setting.

Discuss a negotiated approach to working on a presenting problem using the following case study of Joe: a 28-yr. old man who presented on admission with suicidality associated with acute depressive state of bipolar effective disorder. He stated that he does not feel safe alone at home and has been considering jumping from his 8th floor flat. He also reported that he had bouts of reckless activity recently and had crashed his friend’s car for no apparent reason. He has previously been known to mental health services and maintained on Risperidone whilst in the community, however his medication concordance was questionable as he stopped collecting his prescription for several weeks.

Interventions to be discussed:

1. Psychopharmacological intervention – e.g. Lithium
2- Psychosocial intervention – e.g. Cognitive behavioural therapy

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