Lighting, Staging, and Mood: Staging, German Expressionism (Read The Film Experience p. 61-62)

The final for this course will be a short, critical, and reflective paper assessing what you have learned in this course and the significance, ramifications, or consequences that knowledge bears. The expectation is write a reflection on a key aspect you have learned, thought about, and/or been inspired by this semester. The paper can be written in the first person and be personal in nature; no outside research is required, but it would help to speak to specific content we have learned in class when assessing your progress over the semester and how this class has affected your learning, outlook, or viewpoints. For example, you might have been intrigued about our discussions concerning “continuity,” or the difference between “invisible style” and the “auteur theory,” or perhaps a specific film element like “shot-types” or “editing.” In this paper, choose one theme, or aspect of the class you feel most strongly about. Then, explain those concepts, why you found them interesting, challenging, or important, and why you think they are valuable or significant to you. Last, discuss how you think these ideas or themes might help you outside the classroom, or in another academic discipline, like your major. The best papers will: describe in detail the concept you have chosen; explain why you chose that concept; provide details and specific examples that demonstrate your knowledge of the concept; and, finally, explain why you think what you have learned is valuable and therefore significant. You may select any topic, theme, idea, or cinematic element discussed throughout the semester. If you are struggling to conceptualize your idea, please email me, or set up an appointment to talk outside of class. I am more than happy to help. Due date: Please see the course calendar in the syllabus for day and time the assignment is due Word count: Between 1000 – 1500 words Style: 12 point font; one-inch margins; please use MS word and save files as “.doc” or “.docx” Topic we covered in Film class:

Week 1 :: Intro & Cinema of Attractions : Introduction to course Edison, Lumiere and the Cinema of Attractions (Read The Film Experience p. 286-287) Week 2 :: Shots, Scenes, and Continuity : Shots, Scenes, Méliès and Porter (Read The Film Experience p. 176-179) Continuity, editing, narrative, and D.W. Griffith (Read The Film Experience p. 168-170) Week 3 :: Acting as Style & Slapstick Comedy : Harold Lloyd & Buster Keaton (Read The Film Experience p. 342) Charlie Chaplin (Read The Film Experience p. 350-351) Week 4 :: Lighting, Staging, and Mood : Staging, German Expressionism (Read The Film Experience p. 61-62) Lighting, Film Noir (Read The Film Experience p. 362-365, 109-111) Week 5 :: Exam 1

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