How is the drug trade shaped by gender and/or “race”?

 The essay is for a class about globalisation crime and justice in a British university. Harvard referencing method has to be used. It is 2000 words (with more or less 10% margin). The essay question is: “How is the drug trade shaped by gender and/or “race”? Your answer should draw on the key reading as well as further reading (draw on the reading list).” The key reading  is ‘Fleetwood, J (2014) Drug mules: women in the international cocaine trade, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. [chapter 4]’.  Please try to refer a maximum to the key and recommended readings. This video has been showed to us during the lecture as an introduction to the topic: an-international-cocaine-trafficker/ 5a5c889b177dd455ae7129e7 An overview of the points discussed during the lecture are: • A “global” drug trade? • From cartels to international (illicit business) • Trends in drug use, production • The numbers game. • Global crime in social context • Drug trade; social connections • “Race” • Gender • Conclusion. The conclusion of the lecture was : • Many globalisations, including criminal ones. • Illegal drug trade is driven by, and drives globalisation. • It is not an automatic process driven by price, costs and profit but a social activity undertaken by human beings. • -> Recognising the social context of global crime • Recognising and respecting difference and different social contexts • Gender and “race” both play important roles in social interactions that form the drug trade, but how exactly reflects the social context. • We can find similarities according to gender and “race”, but we must also be alert to differences.

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