finance; financial institutions

. Discuss the functions of financial institutions within a financial system and give examples of financial services and products that are traded by these institutions. (300 words) 

2. Outline the main responsibilities of the Federal Open Market Committee. Explain the key functions of the Bank of England. Discuss how expansionary activities conducted by the Federal Reserve impact the money supply, credit availability, interest rates and security prices. Discuss what happens when the Bank of England conducts a restrictive open market operation. What policy measures were taken by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England to address the financial crisis in 2008-09? (1,500 words)

3. What are the major sources of funds for commercial banks? What alternatives does a commercial bank have if it needs temporary funds? What is the most common reason that banks issue bonds? (300 words

4. Discuss how mortgage backed securities contributed to the recent financial crisis in 2007-2008 (300 words)

5. Explain the difference between a private pension fund and a public pension fund. Explain what a defined-contribution pension plan is and explain how it differs from a defined benefit plan. (300 words)

6. What purpose do property and casualty insurance serve? Explain how the characteristics of property and casualty and life insurance differ?
(300 words

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