Explorative case study – industry 4.0 implementation challenges

 In attachment there is a word document where you can find detailed informations on how the paper should be. more precisely: – an index, the purpose of the research and the interviews answers. always in the attachment you find two kind of papers, the fisrt one “considering aspect of industry 4.0″ could be useful for the first part of the research paper, and the second one ” benefit and challenges of industry 4.0″ could be useful too ( if you read them you understand what I mean). PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH PAPER: the fundamental objective of this study is to provide a better, more integrative, systematic, and comprehensive understanding of the most prevalent benefit as well as challenges yielded by industry 4.0. in particular: 1) to assess the case companys current approach towards Industry 4.0 2) illustrate a practical example of the Industry 4.0 challenges in a small apparel manufacturing company. RESEARH QUESTION: RQ1 : what are the most critica issues/challenges when implementing industry 4.0 in the supply chain? METHOD exploratory case study within ITALIAN FASHION MANUFACTORING FIRM. being the research paper qualitative, you can add all or some part of the interviews in the research paper. you will note a lot of links with the attached papers, so try to follow that line while changing some part and evoiding plagiarism.

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