English Language Learner (ELL)


Homework Assignment #4: English Language Learner (ELL) Assessment

The Homework Assignment #4 Description, Rubric, and Resources will be found here. This is where you will learn about the assignment requirements and where you will upload an attached file for grading. Mindset: One of the greatest challenges in working with an English Language Learner (ELL) who is struggling academically involves the ability of the teacher to understand which aspects of the student’s struggle are language related (vocabulary, etc.), and which aspects are learning related (background knowledge, conceptual abilities, etc.), and which involve the intersection of language and learning problems (as well as other possible factors such as social-emotional issues, etc.) In this assignment, you should think as if you are a professor preparing teachers to better understand these issues. So, in doing this assignment, you need to think about what the most important issues are, discuss them, and narrate how they relate to one another as well as any additional matters related to teaching and learning issues. Pretend that what you write is part of a seminar on the topic for other teachers to use, and for tutorial purposes, you are developing an example to teach them about these issues. Assignment: Consider the ELL in a grade 3-12 class who has come to the United States in the last 3-6 months and who speaks limited English. The student is having great difficulty being successful in several core academic content areas. Develop a 5-6 page paper. Again, length of assignment is really a function of how you choose to execute the assignment requirements. Be certain to include the following and do not forget to consider the following: APA Title Page with Running head, header, pagination, Introduction / overview with purpose, expected learning outcomes, and scope of the document content (“tell them what you’re going to tell them”), Description of your hypothetical ELL, who may have LD or, If not LD, likely has some specific learning problems. Pick a grade level and core content area lesson for your hypothetical ELL. List the lesson learning objectives, prerequisite knowledge, student learning capacities, and especially, language-related capacities necessary for a student to be successful in this lesson,

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