Electronic Communication Plan

Deliverable 4 – Electronic Communication Plan Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Competency Use technological tools and strategies to improve engagement between families and professionals. Scenario You are the director of an accredited early childhood program. You understand the importance of communication with your program families and value the perspective of the parents and guardians, supporting the Developmentally Appropriate Practice guideline of establishing reciprocal relationships with families. Your program’s Parent Advisory Board (PAB) agrees with you and has indicated its desire to increase and improve the program’s online presence and use of technological communication tools, based on the preferences indicated by parents and staff in a recent program communications survey. Therefore, the PAB has assigned to you the task of developing an electronic communication plan toward better connecting the children, families, and staff of the program. Instructions Use the provided Electronic Communication Plan template to demonstrate how to connect children, families, and colleagues across your early childhood program community. You will identify four electronic/social media options for communication using the template to compile the necessary information. Your identified electronic communication options must include a description and sample of these electronic options: One-page Program Newsletter – to share program information with the community Daily child record – to directly communication with parents and guardians about the child’s experiences at the program Email – how program staff communicate with parents and guardians about individual or specific matters An additional sample and explanation of your choice of an electronic/social media option Be sure the format and organization of your plan is professionally presented by including the following elements: Use of the provided template “Electronic Communication Plan”

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