Catholic doctrine-What specifically does the Church teach on this topic? and Why does the Church hold this teaching?

 It will be between 1100 and 1600 words. The purpose of each paper will be to explain a specific point of Catholic doctrine, particularly answering the questions: What specifically does the Church teach on this topic? and Why does the Church hold this teaching? Papers should not be written on strictly moral teachings , that is, the teaching in question should not directly and principally concern what is right or wrong behavior (so euthanasia, abortion, contraception, capital punishment, or environmental ethics are not suitable topics). The paper will make use of at least one relevant patristic source (i.e., a Christian writing from before 750), at least o ne relevant passage of Scripture, at least one relevant magisterial document (i.e., an official Church document containing authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church, e.g., a document promulgated by a general council or a document issued by the pope acting as supreme teacher of the Church other than the Catechism of the Catholic Church) , at least one approved theological “systematic” work covering the paper’s topic (a list of approved systematic works will be provided to the class, others will be approved on a case-by-case basis). In addition to these sources, the paper is to make reference to the relevant discussion of the paper’s topic in either the Catechism of the Catholic Church or in the “Roman Catechism” (1566). These are minimal requirements to complete the assignment; it is hoped that papers will use more than only these five sources. Further information relevant to this requirement is presented below in the section on policies. Paper policies Papers are to conform to the normsset forth in Turabian (see recommended texts). Citations should be presented in footnotes (what Turabian terms “notes-bibliography style”). Papers are to be typeset entirely in a single, 12pt serif font (e.g., Times New Roman). The body of the paper is to be double spaced, excepting block quotations and heading. Papers are to have the student’s last name and the page number on the upper right corner of all pages except the first. Papers that are fewer than 1000 words and that have fewer than 3 cited works may omit a bibliography; otherwise a bibliography is expected. (The term paper should thus have a bibliograhy.) Papers that are at least 1000 words are to have a title page (thus, the term paper should have a title page). All papers less than 1000 words in length should have, in lieu of a title page, on the first page the following header, single spaced, on the top left corner: Author’s Name Class number and name (E.g., THEO3349: Christ and the Moral Life) Professor’s name Date Submitted Below this, after skipping a line, the title of the paper should be produced, singles spaced, centered, and in all capitals. Below this, again skipping a line, the text of the paper should begin. Well known and widely available works that have standard divisions of the text (E.g., the Bible, the Summa Theologiae, the dialogues of Plato, the Catechism of the Catholic Church) can be cited without providing full bibliographical information in the footnote, and should b e cited by the standard division. Under no circumstances should you cite the Bible by page number

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