Argumentative Research Paper


Purpose By the end of this writing project, you will be able to: Develop an argumentative thesis that articulates a position on a significant issue Use evidence from research to provide relevant background information, examples, and counter-arguments Employ strategies of argumentation including making a claim, supporting claims with evidence, and identifying and engaging with alternative perspectives Attribute and cite sources using signaling phrases, in-text citations, and works cited page Apply genre conventions for a research-based academic essay including structure, design, formatting, language usage, and mechanics Compose a text using the writing process by drafting, reviewing, collaborating, revising, and editing Task This is where you will bring it all together and show what you have learned this semester. Using the sources that you listed on your Annotated Bibliography, as well as any additional sources, write a research-based argument essay of eight to ten pages. You will demonstrate your skill in articulating complex ideas, examining claims and evidence found in your research materials, supporting your ideas with relevant reasons and examples, sustaining a coherent discussion, and using standard written English to convince your readers to agree with your stand on the issue or at least to believe in the soundness and reasonableness of your position. Assume that your audience will be neutral and uninformed about your topic. To meet the needs of your readers, you will need to provide sufficient background information for them to understand your argument. The topic is Mental pressure Using the Source that showing in first file

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