Argumentative Essay(relates to gender and tradition in Things Fall Apart).

 Description This essay relates to gender and tradition in Things Fall Apart. I advise you to think carefully about the questions very well before you write. Do not panic! Think deeply and clearly. Take some time to do your mind mapping, if you can, before you write. I really wish you the very best! Length: 5 pages. Rubric. 1 Relevant Material: Reference to relevant theories and concepts and correct application of such theories in your discussion. This should include references or verifiable quotations from the novel. Each quotation must be followed up with intelligent interpretation of text that enhances your argument. 25 2 Clear and informative introduction. 5 3 Body and conclusion of your essay must be clear and arguments must be well structured. Justification must be well demonstrated. 15 5 Good use of language and grammar and References 5 6 Total marks per question 50 Question Grade 1 X2=% 3 Total % ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION 1. ‘Okonkwo is a victim of the culture that made him in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.’ Discuss this proposition in your response to Osei-Nyame and Rhoads’ articulations in their papers (Available on Blackboard). In your response, explore the notions of gender and tradition and how their representations may have had an impact on Okonkwo’s roles as Husband, Father, a son, leader in his community, a cultured person and a human being. Provide clear evidence for all your claims. Individuality and originality will be credited. Further research is required for this essay. Ensure that you create a list of all bibliographic references consulted and cited. Use the Harvard style and if in doubt, consult Writing Matters. Readings: Osei-Nyame, K. (1999) ‘Chinua Achebe Writing Culture: Representations of Gender and Tradition in Things Fall Apart.’ Research in African Literatures Vol. 30.2: 148-164. Rhoads, D. A. (1993) ‘Culture in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.’ African Studies Review Vol. 36.2: 61-72.

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