According to the Department of Labor what is the 24-hour toll-free phone number for the Mine Safety and Health Administration? What is the expected wait time?

What is the purpose of such a law and how does it affect HR? The NLRB is dealing with a case involving McDonalds and the status of “joint employer status”. What does mean and why is this important for HR? How did our current Supreme Court alter this issue? Littler-Mendelson published a report titled “The Big Move Towards Big Data in Employment”. What is ‘big data’ and what are 3 potential uses in the workplace? You did not get your last paycheck according to the law. You want to complain. What division of the department of labor would you go to for a formal complaint? Something really big happened in the world of “Overtime” in 2016. What happened?. How does this impact workers in 2018? Find an article that describes Donald Trump’s decision making style Find an HR or Training or Training Technology conference for Fall 2018 in Las Vegas? According to the Department of Labor what is the 24-hour toll-free phone number for the Mine Safety and Health Administration? What is the expected wait time? What is the current best seller for business books? What is this book about? Find an article that deals with how horrid it ‘really’ is to work in a high-tech company in the silicon valley? Find an article online that would give you insight into whether charitable work or professional service are good things to add to your resume Must employers grant leave to employees called up by the National Guard or Reserve? What is the web address of the Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Publication and Special Studies? Name a title of one article that can be found in the Bureau of Labor Statistics “Monthly Labor Review” Find two articles that address the influence of Donal Trumps policies on business success? What is the website where I can find the Polish language PDF poster titled “Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law Poster” You want to avoid choosing the worst job in the world. Find some evidence for the three worst jobs to have. What are the OSHA inspection priorities: list the ‘most’ important or top priority What is the Federal minimum wage as of July, 2018? What is the current California Minimum wage? Where can I find the DOL e-law advisor “Fire Safety” advisor? Name three formal NIOSH programs? What is the purpose of NIOSH? Name three HRIS software solutions for medium-sized businesses? I want to create digital training material and want to know the names of three software programs that offers interesting and unique solutions for this challenge? I want to hire a company to handle my payroll. Name two large national companies that offer these services Where would I go to register for the DEVLEARN 2018 conference in Las Vegas? I want to receive my Masters degree in HR. Find 3 universities that offer this degree? One must be online What is happening to the PHR certification? It appears to be changing or at least no longer supported? Name two HR implications for the U.K. after their ‘BREXIT” vote?

(Hint: international) Find an article that talks about the explosion of wage and hour class action lawsuits Name at least 2 trends driving HR technology in 2018? Find a lawyer or law firm in the SF Bay Area that specialized in litigating union/labor disputes What are the three largest labor unions in the United States? What is the professional SHRM chapter found in or around the Lake Tahoe area? Using a website if you earn $110,000 in Modesto how much would you need to earn in San Francisco to keep your quality of living? Find 2 articles that discuss the use of cloud computing in HR? You want to apply for a job with the San Francisco 49ers. What is the contact information for the HR deparment? You hear that California HR law is quite more complicated than Federal HR law. Find one website that explains some of the quirkiness and particulars of Califronia HR Law Find 2 checklists that provide you guidance with ways to prevent being sued by your employees You need an audit checklist for your company’s employment manual. Find one such checklist There are always opinions on the best foods to eat to stay productive at work. Find some evidence to guide you. Who is the current chair of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety? You want to watch a film with a heavy focus on HR issues. Find a drama film that covers issues of HR? You would like to attend an HR conference in Europe. Find such a conference What is the most common type of HR lawsuit filed against U.S. employers in 2018? (hint: it may have changed recently) How does Adult Learning Theory apply to HR training and development? The American Management Associatioin. How much does it cost? You want to convert your old paper job application form to an online form. Find a company that could help you with that Find an example of a great LinkedIn profile and a bad LinkeIn profile among your closest friends. I want to offer my high-tech supervisor training on being a manager. Thus, I am looking for an executive training program that focuses on offering management skills for technical workers. Find one such program. Find an organization that offers personal diagnostic surveys to assess your own management skills/potential Find an article that offers advice on accepting an overseas work assignment (tips and advice) What are some of the pitfalls for accepting an overseas work assignment Name one popular model for workplace planning. This could be practitioner or academic Find one book that borrows principles of managing winning sports teams and applies these to busines Find an article that addresses trends in workplace violence Find the top three cities that are business friendly in the United States Find an article that lists trendy ways to recruit workers using the internet or new information technology What is the current best selling book on the Business Book best seller lists

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